3 July 2021 | Alice Springs, NT -> Perth, WA ->Bunbury, WA

3 July 2021 – Fly Alice Springs, NT –> Perth, WA – 2hrs 45min
Drive Perth to Bunbury, WA – 2hrs

Nervous, and happy to be flying home today. We went to the airport way ahead of check in time (because I’m a worry wart at the best of times, let alone in the current circumstances).


Relieved to be climbing the stairs on to our Qantas direct flight to Alice Springs to Perth, departing at 1210hrs.

Thankfully the flight was uneventful. My side of the plane had a view of some of the planes that have been parked at AS for over a year, and later in the flight, also a view toward Uluru and Kata Tjuta – great to see them again, from a totally different perspective.

Captured this video of just some of the planes that are currently parked at Alice Springs
due to the Covid-19 outbreak
On the plane, masks on, homeward bound

We arrived in Perth at 1340hrs. Before we left the airport a police officer explained our self isolation conditions and that we needed to download the G2G Now app.

We then proceeded to the hire car pick up point. [I’m laughing as I write this as there is another story associated with the car pick up. Again, I will only write more on request. ] 

The two hour drive home seemed like a breeze after everything that had occurred during the past few days, and the distance we had already driven on the road trip (which was around 6,500km).

So glad to be home – back in our own bed. Self isolating in our own house is a breeze.


PS this experience has been good for us in that we now have an appreciation, and empathy, for others who may be in similar (or sadly, far worse) situations.

We’re home in good time to sort out our house sale, etc, and (post isolation) we are available to family if they need us

PPS 8 July 2021 – self isolation day 5 of 14, and one month since we started on our road trip.

We access the G2G Now app each day and update our health status; we take/send selfies when requested, and will update the app once we’ve done our Covid-19 test on day 11 of isolation.

Many thanks to friends and family who have offered help, brought us food, and coffee… M&Vx

Our amended road trip route


  1. Please tell me the car pick up story!
    It is good to see that you have arrived home safely after so much fun and adventure and now how well you are supported in your isolation! Time for the givers to be receivers …

  2. Hi Howie, I have really enjoyed following your trip. I really love Central Australia and glad you both loved it too.Your beanies are just amazing!, and obviously they were much appreciated.
    What an adventure with the border closures, and so glad you have made it safely home, Also great that you have sold your house.
    Hope we can catch up with you both sometime and hear more about your adventures,
    Helen xx

    1. Thanks for following us Helen 🙂 Central Australia is fantastic and amazing.

      Thanks for the comps on the beanies – both of my exhibition beanies have been sold.

      It has been a real adventure, although we finished earlier than expected we still had a great time.

      Hope that you and Joe manage to get away sometime soon.

      Bye for now
      Love H&Mx

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