21-24 June 2021 | Kings Canyon, NT

21 June 2021 – drive Yulara to Kings Canyon, NT –> 3 hrs, 300km

Today is International Yoga Day. 


I’ve practised 5 days/week whilst we’ve been away. I have not always been happy to roll out my yoga mat, or place my hands or head on some of the floors where we have stayed, therefore I have improvised by using tables, chairs, the edge of a sink, folded up bath mats, etc.

Grateful to be able to continue my practise whilst on this road trip.

Happy IYD fellow yogis. Of course, every day is a happy yoga day ;o) Vx

Adho Mukha Vrksasana | Adho Mukha Virasana | Uttanasana | Adho Mukha Svanasana

21-24 June 2021 – Kings Canyon, NT

We are staying at the Kings Canyon Resort for a couple of days so that we can explore a little of the Wataarka National Park.

The resort has a choice of 3 eateries, a petrol station, and general store, and a variety of accommodation, from camping to spa rooms.

One of the staff told us that the resort has recently been taken over by Discovery Parks and an overhaul is in the pipeline… our room was certainly in need of some TLC.

We had been told that dingoes were common in this area, but sadly, we did not see any.

We like to kick back a little whilst on tour, ie we don’t feel the need to do and see everything. On this stopover we chose to do one slightly challenging hike, and one very relaxed, peaceful walk.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk – 6km loop – allow 3-4hrs, rated as moderate to difficult

The first part of the walk is quite steep but it was well worth making the effort when you reached the top. The way up is well maintained and if you needed to rest a while there were plenty of safe spots to take a break and enjoy the view.

Along the well marked hike route, it was interesting and reassuring to see multiple, easily spotted and accessed, Emergency Stations. Not that we felt the need for such equipment on this occasion, but, “good to know”.

The Rim Walk is really interesting with lots of beautiful rock formations, domes, water, and great viewing opportunities. There were scats but we didn’t actually site any animals.

Kathleen Springs – 2.5km return, 1 hour – grade 1 easy – disabled access

Our second activity whilst in this area was the Kathleen Springs walk which took us into the head of the Kathleen Gorge. This is a very relaxing walk, the only physical challenge here is to enjoy the calm atmosphere and soak up the scenery.

At this time of the year the weather is lovely, and the temperatures are cool so there is little concern about overheating, and walks may be undertaken at almost any time during daylight hours.

Great to experience a little of another special Australian landmark.

Please scroll down if you would like to see more photos of this area, and if you so desire, leave us a comment.


Rim Walk – loving the geology
View from near the beginning of the Rim Walk across the canyon…
Rim Walk. Cool temps – we wore our down jackets every day…
Kathleen Springs walk
Kathleen Springs walk – remnants of stock yards, which had been built in a narrow part of the gorge to assist cattleman capture their stock

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