8-12 June 2021 | Bunbury, WA -> Ceduna, SA

We left Bunbury on Tuesday 8 June 2021 and began our journey East. We had overnight stays in Merredin, Norseman, and Madura in WA.

I had been looking forward to arriving at Madura pass and taking in the sweeping view onto the Nullabor. Sadly, it was raining when we arrived and the view was not good on this occasion.  It was still raining the following morning, but this did not stop me going up to the lookout and capturing the photos below…

1. Sunrise at Madura Pass
2. Sunrise at Madura Pass – after taking photo 1. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a double rainbow to the west

As always, we were very happy to see wedge tail eagles (7) along the way.  And, also very happy not to see many kangaroos that had been hit by vehicles.  

This first part of the journey is what we consider to be our transit leg and we don’t usually spend much time in the aforementioned towns/stops. Accommodation standard is varied and sometimes the more costly it is, the crappier it is – but, It’s all part of the fun!

This is our seventh crossing of the Nullabor together, and for the first time we stopped at Eucla (near the Western Australia/South Australia border) and visited the long ago abandoned telegraph station. Michael last saw the telegraph station about 50 years ago, and he said things had not changed much.

Former telegraph station at Eucla, SA

We crossed the border into South Australia on Friday 11 June, and handed over our uneaten fruit and veg at the quarantine station.   Michael put in a big effort and managed to eat 3 large bananas before we got to the handover point. We had completed – now mandatory in these Covid times – border crossing paperwork a few days before leaving home.  As advised earlier by SA authorities, we were sent an email to check if we had arrived as and when we said we would. 

11 and 12 June, we had our first two night stopover in Ceduna, where we stayed at the Foreshore Caravan Park in a comfortable 80m2 cabin.  We made a day trip south, down the coast from Ceduna and visited Streaky Bay, Smokey Bay, and Perlubie. The weather was wet and grey, but we saw enough to know that is an area we will revisit in the future and spend more time exploring.

We were happy to bump into our friend PJ (from Western Australia) in the Ceduna Foodland. We knew he was in the area  – nice to see a familiar face so far from home.

Please scroll down to see a few photos, and there is a comments box if you feel like dropping us a line.


I quite like driving on this piece of road – it’s quite undulating so it’s not as bad as it might sound
Most Aussies (if not all) know about the BIG things which many towns have on display as a tourist attraction. This big galah resides in Kimba, Western Australia.
Great Australian Bight


    1. The photos don’t show how wet it was, but maybe the rain added to the beautiful colours. Just shows you should always do a 360 deg look around when taking photos – I almost missed out on that double rainbow. Great to hear from you. Bye for now.

    1. Great to have you following our travels.

      Lucky I’m usually up before the birds and I get to enjoy so many beautiful sunrises 🌅 Vx

    2. Great to have you following our travels.

      Lucky I’m usually up before the birds and I get to enjoy so many beautiful sunrises 🌅 Vx

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