2021 Road Trip

We invite you to follow our nine week road trip…
8 June -> 9 August 2021

Join us as we travel (anti-clockwise) along the route shown on the above map. We will also make various side trips/deviations as we go along. We will be travelling 10,000+km over a nine week period.

The catalyst for this road trip was the Alice Springs Beanie Festival (BF) which is held in June each year.  Therefore, the BF being held on 24-28 June 2021 became the epi centre for road trip planning, and travel plans blossomed and evolved in both directions around those dates.

We travel by 4 wheel drive with all of our gear stowed inside the vehicle. This appears to be uncommon as a high percentage of the other vehicles we see has at least a roof rack stacked high, and/or trailer. Of course, there are also many caravans of various shapes, sizes and styles, motorhomes towing a smaller vehicle, a few 5th wheelers, and every now and then a motorcycle.

We opt to stay in roadhouses, motels, hotels, apartments, and we’ve got one house/pet sitting gig. In current covid times there are many more of us than usual on the road and accommodation can be hard to find, therefore, we chose to book every night of the journey in advance. Little scope for spontaneity these days, however, we did not want to end up sleeping in the Jeep, so booking ahead it had to be.

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  1. Hi Valerie
    Love your blog – you’ve don e GREAT!! job…
    Really love the simplistic easy to read layou tna choice of colours – love the drop case J – will have to look at how you did that.

  2. Wow this looks such an interesting trip, can’t wait for the next instalment! Do you have to have special kitted out 4×4 vehicle to do this trip or could curious Poms with a taste for adventure follow in your footsteps? If they’re ever allowed back out of the country of course!!

    1. Hey Soo – thanks for your feedback.

      We do have a “proper” 4×4 but we’re mostly travelling on sealed roads so you girls would be fine.

      Hmmm – travel abroad seems like a land far far away. This evening, we decided to cut this current trip short by at least 11 days as Darwin has just gone in to a two day lock down (we were due to arrive there in 4 days), and also parts of WA have gone into lockdown, so we’re starting our journey home earlier than planned. Hx

  3. Hi Valerie,
    I am really loving your blog. Beautifully written and complimented with excellent photographs, I feel as though I am travelling the journey with you. Looking forward to the upcoming installments.

    1. Thanks for your lovely feedback Joe – much appreciated.

      We wondered if you guys had had the opportunity to get away but Iā€™m thinking probably not (yet)

      Great to hear from you šŸ¤—


  4. We are really enjoying your journey Howie and Michael. We are not travelling this year due to border lockdowns so it is really good to be able to ftake part in your experience.
    I hope you enjoyed the Beannie Festival – we loved it .
    Looking forward to your next instalments. Enjoy the sun , love Helen šŸŒ…

    1. Hi Helen,
      Great to have you guys onboard our virtual tour bus.
      The beanie festival was something else. Amazing to see so many people so crazy about beanies.
      Bye for now
      Love M&Vx

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