Datsun 240Z

This page is dedicated to the preparation of a Datsun 240Z circuit and tarmac performance vehicle.

Website 240Z Pt 1 Purchase

Website 240Z Pt 2 Upgrading the Seats

Website 240Z Pt 3 Upgrading the suspension

Website 240Z Pt 3a Sorting the Diff

Website 240Z Pt 4 Upgrading the brakes

Website 240Z Pt 5 Upgrading the brakes Pt2

Website 240Z Pt 6 Fitting the LSD Pt1

Website 240Z Pt 7 Fitting the LSD Pt2

Part 8 Seats

Microsoft Word – Website 240Z Part 9 Improving the Performance for 2008

Microsoft Word – Website Part 10 Additional Tweaks

Part 14 Diff

Part 16 Upgrading the suspension

Part 18 Fitting the LSD

Part 18a Fitting LSD Pt 1

Part 18b Fitting LSD Pt 2

Part 19 Upgrading the brakes

Part 19a Upgrading the brakes Pt 1

Part 19b Upgrading the brakes Pt 2