Welcome to Bluevista.

This is the website of Michael & Valerie Rowe (Western Australia), which provides a window into some of our interests.

Leisure Pursuits

– health and fitness, Yoga

– motor vehicles

– photography

– travel


Interesting vehicles/owned/restored in order of purchase

 Some of the cars, still currently owned, are discussed under additional tabs on this website

Year Make Engine Colour Gearbox Power
1939 Royal Enfield 125cc Green 3 speed manual on tank 3.5bhp
1960 Ford Anglia    (my first car) .997L Cream/Green 4 speed manual 39bhp
1966 Ford Falcon XP 2.4L Green/white 3 speed manual 84bhp
1973 Ford Cortina 3.3L Blue 4 speed manual 129bhp
1937 Chev Sloper 3.5L U/coat grey 3 speed manual 85bhp
1975 Datsun 180B 1.8L Cream 4 speed manual 120bhp
1969 MGB GT 1.8L White 4 speed manual 105bhp
1961 Jaguar Mk2 3.8L White 4 speed manual 265bhp
1977 MGB Roadster 4.6L BRG 5 speed manual 250bhp
1969 Lotus Europa 4.6L Black 5 speed transaxle 250bhp
1997 Subaru WRX 2L turbo Blue 4 speed auto 160kw
1999 Audi TT Quattro 1.8L Blue 6 speed manual 165kw
2002 Subaru WRX STI 2L Turbo Blue 6 speed manual 195kw
2004 VW Golf R32 3.2L Black 6 speed manual 177kw
2005 Audi S4 4.2L Red 6 speed tiptronic 253kw
1973 Datsun 240Z 2.8L Gunmetal Grey 5 speed manual 200bhp
1976 Datsun 260Z (GTR twin turbo) 2.6L Bronze 5 speed manual 500bhp
2002 Falcon XR6 turbo ute 4.0L Blue 5 speed manual 240kw
1993 Nissan Skyline GTR 2.6L White 5 speed manual 430hp atw
2008 Falcon G6E Turbo 4.0L Dark Grey 6 speed auto 270kw
2010 Audi TTRS 2.5L turbo Black 6 speed manual 250kw
1963 Koala Motor Racing Developments 1.1L Green 5 speed manual 125bhp